Tuesday, 18 October 2011

WK10: Day 1 - Oh My QUAD!

So here we start, and what a week this has been! Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would walk away from my dating scan with the news that I was pregnant with quads. I don’t think I will ever forget the moment the sonographer went completely silent, and asked whether we had twins in the family. Then looking up at us both proceeded to tell us that she actually didn’t think there were twins but that she could see quads. She then slowly moved the scanner across my belly showing us the three sacs and counting the babies one by one. She explained she could see one baby in two of the sacs, and two babies in the third. I was honestly cold, and I couldn’t stop squeezing Martins hand really tightly! We both kept laughing really silly nervous laughs as the idea that I was pregnant with four babies was almost too hard to comprehend.

I had been scared before the scan that everything was going to be ok for the one baby I thought I was carrying...but now I was scared in a whole new way! Before we even had a chance to ask any more questions she had left the room and we were left staring at each other in complete silence. We had been joking before we went for the scan that I was pregnant with twins, (thinking if we were, how would we cope?), our joke didn’t seem that funny anymore. She came back with three other members of staff, all there to check whether this was right. It was, and was asked a number of questions including whether I had had an ‘assisted’ pregnancy or taken any fertility medicine. NO to all! They said from the measurements that my dates must have been out a little as I was only 10 weeks and not 12 weeks as I had thought. They weren`t able to do a proper due date scan as I was too early and I would also need to see a specialist as they couldn’t perform the scan on anything more than two.

We were sent off in a complete daze with our scan pics and the telephone number for Tamba (Twins and Multiple Births Association). We now need to wait for a telephone call from the specialist at the hospital. Our initial feelings were of complete shock, bewilderment and fear, but also unbelievable excitement. It’s absolutely incredible that I’m pregnant with FOUR babies. We wanted to ring the whole world and tell them but I kept having to bring us back to earth by reminding us of the fact that if we weren`t realistically going to be able to continue with the pregnancy then we should rather keep it to ourselves. After some discussion we decided we would tell our close family, Dad, work (as I couldn’t go back this afternoon) and Mart’s Mum. Their responses were of complete and utter shock, which made us realise even more just what this actually meant. This is the first view we had of the quads.
Here you can see the 3 sacs. The first sac at the top left with one baby, the large sac below with two babies and finally the small sac to the right which the fourth baby is in.

Here you can see the top of the fourth babies head in the right sac.

This is a really clear pic of the identical twins n the bottom sac and the fraternal quad in the top sac.

Thinking about it now everything seems to make sense. My belly is very large for 10 weeks and I'm having continuous dreadful morning sickness. When I say continuous I mean from the minute I wake up, throughout the day as well as in the middle of the night! The only thing that is helping with the symptoms for any length of time is constant grazing on food. I was sure that work (before they knew) thought there was something wrong with me as all I seemed to do was eat. This at least confirms that I haven’t turned into the Munchie Monster and there is a reason behind it all. I have also been feeling so tried to the point that I've been going to bed as soon as I've got home from work most nights. 


  1. wow! thats amazing lol..i found you on babycenter! im pregnant with twins!! congrats xxx katie

  2. Hi Katie - Thank you and congratulations! How far along are you? Hope to see you again soon, Em x

  3. I'm just finding your blog, someone in my triplet group on fb posted it. I have 10 month old triplet boys (2identical) born at 29w4d :o) Congratulations on your little miracles!!!