Thursday, 14 February 2013

Brotherly Fun!

I had to share this adorable clip of Zachary (on the left) and Reuben having their first proper chat and giggle over their toast this morning. It is one of the cutest things I've seen them do so far. They are really starting to enjoy each others company! 

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I hope you've all spent a special day with the ones you love.

Two weeks till the big 1st Birthday! I cannot believe a whole year has gone by already. What an amazing journey so far ...


  1. Oh how adorable - I really miss them
    Lots of Love Linda Self

  2. So incred special. Thank you for sharing. xx Siobhan

  3. That is so much fun can imagine it getting lots of traffic

  4. Hi Emma
    Jayne Sullivan here life time friend of Beks in Brsitol! She told me that you had this fab video so had to watch it! They all look amazing and love the pictures from you Christmas holiday. I was in Jersey recently and meet up with Ed, Kelly and of course the lovely Sonny! Well you all look so happy and it was great for Colin and Bek to have you all there together.

  5. Happy birthday boys!!!! Xxx